Finding the Best Family Staycation in Singapore

Everyone wants to find the best hospitable treatment; elite decorated rooms and all the comfort when in a vacation with the family. Singapore is one of the most loved tourist destinations for travelers worldwide. If you are one a vacation and seeking a suitable family staycation in Singapore that is within your budget, luxurious in all aspects and offers whole lot of amenities, the Bay Hotel can be a considerable option. Here is some information that will help you to know more about the hotel that is at an extremely close proximity to Sentosa.



Rooms and Facilities

If you are planning a wedding event or an official gathering, this hotel is the best to provide the most luxurious stay during the period. There are 333 rooms from where you can enjoy the views of the Mount Faber and exhilarating Sentosa nights. There is an option to choose rooms with single bed, double beds and even triple beds. The special suites in the Bay Hotel have exceptional round king size designer beds and plush bathtubs among various attractions.


There are king size cozy beds, private bathrooms, wifi internet access and superb interiors in all these rooms that give the same feeling as living in a special deluxe suite. All guests will have access to the large swimming pool within the hotel premises and access to the gym with advance equipments for a complete fitness regime. The restaurants within the hotel premises offer American, French, Italian, Vietnamese, Singaporean and various other cuisine variations.

Desirable Location
When choosing the favorite staycation for a business tour or a personal family outing, the location of the hotel is very important. It is only 5 minutes away from Sentosa and also near to the Mount Faber. Transportation from this hotel is quite comfortable as the MRT interchange and the bus route is situated at a very close distance.
You may also raise your shopaholic persona here and explore a series of important malls and retail outlets to get the whole lot within reach. You may also like to savor the local flavors, rich Singaporean cuisine, and continental delectable dishes. Bay Hotel has several restaurants, cafes and bar lounges nearby to give you plenty of options.
Attractive Staycation Deals
The Bay Hotel authorities take esteem pleasure to extend loads of lucrative Staycation deals that can perfectly suit the requirements of the customer. They base their judgment on various factors to reduce your costs significantly and offer extra goodies you will enjoy during the stay in the hotel. For more details, please contact the hotel authorities at the contact mentioned on their official website.
If you are planning your family vacations in the city of Singapore and lodging at the Bay Hotel, it is very essential to mend ways for early bookings. The hotel is one of the choicest destinations preferred by VVIPs, Corporate members and conference attendees. However, the working staff at this reputed family staycation in Singapore is very cooperative and offers the best of support whether you are booking a single room for the family or placing bulk orders for a mega event.