How SME Can Benefit From SAP Business One

Small and medium enterprises are known to be the lifelines of any economy. This is because their aggregate contribution into the nation’s economy is almost equivalent to the big corporate houses. These businesses undergo various procedures and systems. It is necessary to have a proper record of all the tasks undertaken so as to maintain a desired profile of the business.



SAP Business One can play a crucial role in this direction by providing the appropriate way to all organizations. SAP B1 serves the need of manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and of service providers also. This is how this software can benefit SME organization.

  1. ELIMINATE REDUNDANCY: SAP B1 Singapore eliminates the redundancy of the efforts and thus provide efficient use of resources. This software automates the recording and processing of transaction to give the efficient and correct output. This saves the human effort of recording the same data again and again as software picks up the data from the database where it is once stored.
  2. EVALUATE PERFORMANCE: This software has the capability to save you from unconventional cyber attacks. It has a provision to have separate logins of separate user so as to authorize only the desired person. This arrangement helps the management to set up the accountability factor and thus contributes in increasing the efficiency of personnel. This will evaluate the performance of human resource into the organization and thus will be served as a norm for deciding the rewards.
  3. INCREASE THE PROFITABILITY: the management can focus on the core business areas and keep all the calculative and standard norms on SAP BW. This indirectly increases the focus of management towards more profitable areas and thus increasing the profitability of the company. It also helps in taking quicker and valuable decisions as it is the storehouse of data of all the branches of the organization.
  4. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: This single software piles up the inventory of all the previous logs. For instance it retains the past conversations with the customers carried out in any form and all the transactions that took place. These logs make a customer feel that the organization values his/her dealing and wishes to return for the next order. The logs also help in having an overview about the performance of the organization towards resolving the complaints and grievances of customer and thus measuring the capability of organization towards customer satisfaction.
  5. USER FRIENDLY: It is not so difficult to operate this software and thus it provides a friendly interface to its users i.e., the employees. Employees feel their contribution towards the organization and are motivated to work with more enthusiasm and thrill. When the employee force is motivated it provides a healthy framework to implement new decisions and deal with any industry specific problem as employees are the ‘workforce’ for the organization.

Whether SAP Business One is an appropriate solution for your business needs or not, it can be figured out at The bottom line is that this software has all the qualities to be termed as an Asset for the SMEs.