Preschool Education In Growth And Development

A Child’s mind is like moist clay. It can be easily molded and set in any direction we want. It is therefore very important that the child receives good education. They are highly impressionable at that age and care should be taken that they do not imbibe the wrong habits. The things we learn at that innocent age sets us apart for life. A good human being is one who was taught the right things at the very beginning of life. And it is our moral responsibility to impart this same knowledge to the future generations.

Growth and Development

The brain development in a child is very essential in his overall growth and well being. Brain growth and memory development happens at this tender age. A child can recollect images from his/her memory by the age of 2. They are more receptive to visual stimuli and respond accordingly to them. Development of a child’s language also takes place around this time. They begin to speak with limited words and know the usage between them. Preschool education is designed in such a way to help the children develop these abilities. A well prescribed curriculum helps the child’s brain development by inducing the appropriate stimulus for growth. Activities like the morning greetings singles out the child’s attention to a trainer which induces a response in them. Repetitive actions like the morning greetings helps the child develop cognitive response to the greeting. Activities like story telling helps develop the thinking capacity of the children. Group activities help them understand the behavior of others and how to respond to them. Further communications taking place in the daycare helps the child respond to these impulses on a daily basis. These repetitive activities forge a strong cognitive impulse in the children. They begin to recognize these patterns and habits and learn to respond to them accordingly. Preschools help develop these responses further.

Preschool education in Singapore have taken the right steps in helping children develop their skills. The well researched curriculum are designed to intrigue the children. Make them question more about their surroundings and understand the way things are. As the children grow and develop, they question more and they find the answers themselves. It sets them on a path which will play a very important role in their lives in the future.

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