Selecting The Best Fishball Noodles Singapore

Generally, when you decide to eat out, it is because you cannot at cook what you want to eat, or you know someone else who cooks it a lot better than you can. Most people look at different things when selecting their favorite restaurant. When you are ordering a bowl of fishball noodles Singapore style, there are some things that will make one persons food taste better than another persons. This are some basic things you need to check, to make sure the food you eat is the best you can find.

Noodles are one of the most common meals in Asia. They are quick and easy to cook, and can be eaten with a variety of things. However, sometimes you find that the person making them overlooked some things, and they come out too soft and mushy. The noodles you order should be soft and springy. Most noodles cook in less than five minutes. If you leave them for too long the result becomes unpleasant. Using good quality wheat noodles, and properly timing them, will ensure they cook properly.

The fishballs will also need to be properly done. Whether you are planning to fry, boil, steam, or grill them, if the preparation stage was not done well, they will still not be perfect. They should be bouncy to the touch, but soft and flavorful. The fish used should have been fresh and of good quality. The process of slamming the fish paste should be done well and enough times, to result in the bouncy feeling.

The sauce, in which the food will be sitting, is another matter. Generally, you will choose something spicy or sweet, depending on your personal preferences. If you choose something spicy all the flavors should be well blended. You need to know how much chili you can tolerate, to avoid ordering food you cannot eat. On the other hand, if you choose something sweet, it should complement the taste of the food.

Some restaurants may choose to use preserved vegetables, and fishballs which are store bought. Although this is not all together a bad thing, when all the ingredients are made from scratch by the person cooking, the flavors tend to be stronger and blend better.

Presentation is also very important. Sometimes, when it looks like the food was haphazardly thrown together, you might not be very excited to eat it. Good presentation, on clean plates, and in a clean environment is very important. No one wants to eat in a dirty place no matter how good their food is.

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