What you should expect from a good GP clinic

If you have an idea as to what a good GP clinic looks like, you will be in a better position to make a better choice when it comes to your healthcare. Even more, it can give you insight as to what you should expect from the healthcare service you are using presently.

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When inspecting a GP practice, it is critical that you ask 5 important questions, the questions are as follows;

  1. Is it responsive?
  2. Is it safe?
  3. Is it efficient?
  4. Is it well structured?
  5. Is it caring?

Considering these questions will help you determine if a GP is good. For more information, visit the Acumed Medical blog.


What to expect from a safe GP practice

You can consider a GP practice as safe when they always have enough staff that has the experience, skills, and expertise to handle the needs of patients. Their staff should be able to discern if a patient’s condition is getting worse and should be able to take quick steps to make him better. Also, the staffs should be able to seek advice from their colleagues when necessary.

In the event that something goes wrong with their treatment, they should apologize to you and improve their service so as to prevent the same thing from reoccurring in the future.

The practice should also encourage its staff to be honest and open about safety. Even more, its staffs should take very good care of children and young people who may be vulnerable to harm.

The personal record they take should be complete, accurate and up to date and should be stored in a secure environment and be kept confidential. The practice also needs to have well laid out plans and strategies, to deal with emergencies.

What to expect from an effective GP practice

Staffs, as well as doctors, need to have a grasp of what you need in order to stay healthy. They also need to have access to information about you to help them take better care of your needs. Also, they need to regularly monitor how well you are performing, so that they can improve your treatment and care.

Staffs need to be able to work as a team so as to meet up with your needs. And if you happen to be referred to another service, all your information needs to be shared with them as quickly as possible.

They should always ask for your permission, before administering a new treatment or care. Lastly, the staffs should support you actively to lead a healthy life.

What to expect from a caring GP practice

Staffs in the GP practice have to treat you with respect and dignity. You need to feel that support and care given by the staffs. Also, they should explain the details of your medical issue in a way and manner that you will be able to understand.

Even more, you have to be involved especially when it comes to making decisions about your treatment and care.  Their staffs have to be compassionate and respect your privacy.

Finally, they should help you to cope emotionally with your treatment while giving preference to your social, cultural and personal needs.

What to expect from a responsive GP practice

For starters, the practice has to give thoughts to the needs of different people and make adjustments with regards to their services.

Their staffs also need to take account of things like-belief, religion, sexuality, age, gender, disabilities and many other important factors.

The practice needs to reduce as much as possible the wait time for their patients as well as cancellations and delays.

Final note

Keeping in mind some of the points highlighted in this article will help you in choosing a good clinic that will be able to care for your needs.